So, you’ve picked out the biggest table you can fit in your space and the plush, matching leather chairs. Your trophy cabinet is in pride of place and you’ve also thought of the quirky ways you can convey your business’ personality with the stylish decor.

Your sophisticated new boardroom is now ready to receive guests … almost.

Aside from the decoration, technology has to be one of the most important considerations when it comes to boardroom design nowadays. From AV systems through to video conferencing equipment, there’s a whole host of tech you can incorporate into your boardroom to make it into a flexible, functional workspace.

Here are the top bits of tech we think every boardroom should have …

Interactive whiteboard

Whether you’re brainstorming or presenting, an interactive whiteboard is an essential piece of office kit. They’re hooked up to computers so you can save notes and collaborate easily with members of your team, making presentations much more seamless.

Wireless internet

We’ve grown to expect access to wi-fi wherever we are, and your office guests are no exception. Make sure your boardroom has access to fast, wireless internet with the password available for guests to hook up laptops, ipads and any other devices.

High quality projector or HD screen

Your screen should be big enough so all guests can see it clearly when seated around the boardroom table, with text easily legible – preferably in HD. When choosing a projector or screen, we recommend your viewing distance is no more than 1.5 times the width of the screen.

You should ensure guests can hook up their presentation devices to AV systems quickly, with multiple, easily-accessible connections for laptops. Don’t forget tablets either. Invest in devices such as an Apple TV or Chromecast for seamless connectivity.


The beauty of technology is that it helps to connect you to people anywhere in the world, and offices doing business overseas can easily meet with each other at the touch of a button. Also, with remote working becoming more and more popular, video and teleconferencing provides an effective way to keep in touch with your team.

When installing a video or teleconferencing system, you should consider the size of your boardroom and ensure you have enough speakers and microphones to cater for everyone. They can easily be concealed to maintain a sleek look but it’s essential they’re placed correctly to ensure people can hear each other with complete clarity.

Other things to consider


Whilst it’s important your boardroom has the right tech, you should also consider how this is going to look. It’s pointless spending time and money investing on smart equipment and the latest interior design if you have unsightly wires hanging around.

There are some clever ways to conceal wires and keep them neat and tidy, without creating holes in your walls or tables. They can be hidden behind woodwork, under carpets and even inside AV mounts. Your installer should be able to offer advice on the best solution for your room.

As well as hiding cables, did you know you can also conceal screens? There are some really hi-tech options out there, such as screens that rise from the floor or lower from the ceiling – worth investigating if you really want a seamless look!

Power points

If you have a large boardroom you should ensure every seat has access to a power point. It’s small touches like this that make you look professional and also make the boardroom a more functional space.

Cabling system

Whether you’re in the process of renovating your boardroom or building a new one, you should ensure your cabling system is up to scratch and future-proof to cope with any new equipment you install.

Ask an expert

From small jobs to big installations, you’ll often find it’s more cost effective to bring in an expert and get the job done quickly and professionally. From suggesting the equipment you need through to installing it correctly, they will be able to help you at every stage.

We offer free consultations, so get in touch if you’d like some expert device on boardroom tech and how to install it.

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