The National Deaf Children’s Society was founded in London on 15 December 1944 by a handful of parents of deaf children concerned about the impact of the 1944 Education Act on their schooling.

Customer NDCS Headquarters Relocation
Location Castle House, 37-45 Paul Street, London
Requirements  Induction Loops


The National Deaf Children’s Society was founded in London on 15 December 1944 by a handful of parents of deaf children concerned about the impact of the 1944 Education Act on their schooling. Established as the Society of St. John of Beverley, its objective was ‘to further in every way possible the provision of full modern education for all deaf children in England, as originally accorded to hearing children’. It was renamed The Deaf Children’s Society in 1945, before assuming its more familiar name of The National Deaf Children’s Society during the 1950s.


The National Deaf Children’s Society relocated to new offices in London; within the new premises there were three meeting rooms with folding doors that enabled them to become one large room. A hearing loop was required within each room that could work independently when the walls were closed, and as one when the walls were open.


We believed the proximity of each room negated the use of induction loops. Although it could be done, we believed the cost would be prohibitive.

Paragon therefore proposed the installation of an infrared system within each of the rooms. Each room could be individually controlled from a wall panel and then any combination of rooms could be configured. Each room was to have discreet high quality, ceiling mounted microphones installed. We also proposed the use of neck worn loop receivers.

The following items were included within the installation;

• 1 x SZI1015T – 2watt IR radiator/modulator with a PSU

The SZI 1015-T is a 2-Watt infra-red radiator with integral modulator. The wideband modulator uses the extremely reliable carrier frequency of 2.3 MHz. The radiator/ modulator is automatically switched on and off by the AF signal. Via an RF output, the modulated signal can be fed to further radiators. The SZI 1015-T has a coverage area of approx. 400 m (1313.33 sq ft); independent diode groups ensure extremely reliable transmission.

• 2 x SI30 – 0.5watt radiator/modulator with PSUs and IZK20 mount clamps.

The SI 30 is a wideband modulator with an integral radiator. It can be switched between operation on channel 1 (2.3 MHz), channel 2 (2.8 MHz) and stereo operation. Due to its compact size and relatively low radiating power, the SI 30 modulator/ radiator and the SZI 30 radiator are an ideal choice for smaller or medium-sized rooms, for covering recesses or for applications which require transmission of audio information to well defined zones, e.g. in museums.

• 1 x Audio control matrix
• 3 x Programmable wall panels

AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is a DSP powered audio matrix for small and medium sized audio applications, featuring advanced control of audio processing and routing with control processing which is unique on the market. The unit has 12 inputs, 8 line outputs and a digital stereo SPDIF input and output. There are 3 serial ports (one on the front and two on the rear of the unit) to configure the unit and to control external devices. The AUDIOCONTROL12.8 uses a fixed architecture DSP platform, meaning that the audio path has the same fixed flow for all inputs and outputs.

• 4 x ES945 – ceiling microphones

Sennheiser RI150LL – Infra-red neck loop receivers.

Mono neckworn loop receiver (2.3 MHz) for use with standard hearing aid systems. The user simply switches their hearing aid to the ‘T’ position.

• Wideband neckloop receiver
• Extremely reliable transmission due to new carrier frequency (2.3 MHz)
• Volume control
• Extremely lightweight only 53 g
• Very easy to use
• Operates on environmentally friendly rechargeable NiMH accupack (BA151)

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