Having enjoyed exponential growth over the last 12 months, Paragon Data Services (PDS) doesn’t intend to rest on its laurels.

Ambitious directors at the Hull-based network infrastructure and AV solutions firm now have their sights firmly set on driving the business forward even further in the coming year.
PDS is a true one stop shop for cutting-edge technologies, designed to ensure both local and national businesses have the technical capacity to run effectively.

Despite incredible growth figures at PDS, with an unprecedented 35% increase in profit in the last financial year and a 60% increase in staff levels, managing director Iain Bland says the company’s ethos remains the same no matter how large or small a contract might be.
Indeed, the company has appointed a dynamic executive in a bid to ensure customers enjoy a new found experience with the company. Responsible for day-to-day sales and customer service, a vast amount of PDS customers will undoubtedly deal directly with Helen Bennett and she is committed to ensuring the whole process, from the start of an order through to completion, runs smoothly. Mr Bland says Helen’s appointment is a key milestone for the award-winning firm.

He said: “We are 100% committed to ensuring customers receive the same service whether they are spending £50 with us or £500,000, hence our rationale behind Helen’s appointment which will ensure consistency across everything that we do when dealing with orders and guaranteeing a high level of quality for all customers.”

Helen added: “I am very excited about my role at PDS,” said Helen, who joins PDS with over 10 years’ experience in sales and customer service. “I will also be investigating new markets and overseeing aspects of the company’s marketing. There are some very exciting times ahead at PDS and customers won’t be disappointed by the innovative new approaches we are taking to providing top quality services.”

Helen’s appointment also coincides with another exciting new venture, which will see PDS acquire a new office in the South of England, dedicated to handling AV work in that part of the country. It comes after a surge in work within that division of the business over recent months and is testament to the fact that PDS also remains committed to servicing clients in exactly the same way, no matter which part of the country they are based in.

The directors at PDS say they are proud of the fact that in the last year they have taken on contracts as far afield as Poland yet ensured the customer has been just as satisfied with the finished product as they would have been if they were located right here in Hull.

In addition, the company is working on some exciting projects closer to home with work on the new Humberside Police headquarters, in Clough Road, due to start any day. Meanwhile, PDS is currently carrying out its third and final contract on a series of Building Schools for the Future (BSF) developments which are being delivered by Balfour Beatty. PDS has now started work on The West Hull Primary Learning Village, comprising of the merger of two primary schools, which is situated on the same site as the Sirius Academy and Ganton Special School project which PDS worked on last year. The company also carried out the cabling work at Kelvin Hall School, in Bricknell Avenue, west Hull.

The BSF work also saw the appointment of three apprentices, creating jobs that have enabled young ambitious trainees to work for PDS on high profile projects in an apprenticeship capacity.
On another exciting note, PDS is in the early stages of a project in China, which would involved the delivery of a large fibreoptic network for process control.

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