Hull based leading infrastructure and AV solutions company, Paragon Data Services, has installed more than £100,000’s worth of equipment for Norwegian gas giant Gassco. The contract, the latest in a long line of high-value contracts for the company, was to provide highly-specialised equipment for Gassco’s control centre at Langeled Receiving Facility in Easington. Since October 2006, gas has been brought into the UK direct from the Norwegian Orman Lange gas field via the Langeled pipeline, the world’s longest subsea pipeline owned and managed by Gassco.

The 14 monitors form part of complex CCTV and monitoring systems at the site. Ian Livingston, Gassco’s Operations Manager, said: “It is essential that our control room has maximum visibility of our plant – which provides up to 18% of UK daily gas supplies – to guarantee safety and efficiency around the clock”. The installation of the display screen technology from PDS is crucial to optimising our output as well as allowing us to give the high-speed response required to issues as they arise”. And it’s not just the issues of safety and efficiency that were important in Gassco’s decision to upgrade the technology in their fast-response control room. “From an initial brief PDS developed an outstanding system that exceeded our expectations and went well beyond what we even knew was possible” said Ian “Not only that – they designed it so it could be developed further in the future if necessary”.

With its headquarters at the Geneva Way Business Park in Leads Road, Hull, PDS provides it services across Yorkshire and as far afield as Europe and Asia. PDS was established in Hull and is run by a team of people who are incredibly passionate about the city and wider region. The company is committed to staying in the area, creating jobs for local people and promoting the city at every opportunity. Managing Director for PDS, Iain Bland said: “I am pleased that by introducing our highly-specialised equipment, Gassco can feel confident that they have the best technology to monitor safety and efficiency 24/7”. The global reach of this Hull-based business continues to grow with contracts recently secured in China as well as many countries across Europe, including Poland, France and Spain. Although specialising in the creation of new networks, the company also provides services to install new public address systems, CCTV, door access and audio visual solutions for a broad range of applications.

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