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Made in Hull - the innovations, people and quirks that make Hull so great!


Made in Hull - the innovations, people and quirks that make Hull so great!

With the 2017 City of Culture festivities just around the corner, we’ve decided to celebrate some of the fantastic innovations, people and quirks that originated in our lovely home town of Hull.

We’re very proud Hull folk here at PDS HQ, and are thrilled to see this fine city in the spotlight for all the right reasons! With a thriving cultural scene, growing digital industry and business community that’s striving to improve Hull’s prosperity, it’s easy to see why we’re attracting investment from big names like Siemens and Hilton.

So, with a bright future ahead, here are just a few of things that were made in Hull and make it so great!


Liquid Crystal Display

Yup that’s right, LCD technology was developed at the Uni of Hull over 40 years ago. So next time you power up your smartphone or switch on your TV, you can thank Professor George Gray and his research team.


Smith & Nephew

Founded as a small chemist shop in 1856 by Thomas James Smith, this is now a FTSE100 company known the world over for manufacturing healthcare products.


The smallest window in England

Only Hull could have such an unusual accolade - but the fact it can be found down “The Land of Green Ginger” makes this landmark even more unique! The window can be found at The George pub and was apparently installed so its porter could keep an eye out for customers arriving


The Yorkshire pud

Ok, so we didn’t technically invent this, but the Aunt Bessie’s factory in Hull produces over five hundred million of the things every year, so that’s definitely worthy of a mention.


Great music

From The Housemartins and Beautiful South to Mick Ronson and Trevor Bolder, Hull has given birth to some of the UK’s greatest musical talent. Our musical heritage is undoubtedly one of the reasons why Hull was awarded City of Culture status for 2017, and we’re very excited to see what local performers have in-store for us next year!


The Humber Bridge

Whilst this is officially in Hessle, most of us Hullensians feel at home when we see it on the approach to the city via the A63. Not only is the Humber Bridge the longest single-span suspension bridge in Britain, it’s also set to have a very swish glass elevator installed on the north tower. This will give visitors unrivalled views of the estuary, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire - we can’t wait!


Cream telephone boxes

Never one to follow the crowd, since 1902 we’ve had our very own telephone company, Kingston Communications. This is why Hull telephone boxes are a distinctive cream colour instead of red. In recent years some of the telephone boxes have been given a makeover to celebrate some of our successful locals, from Olympic Gold Medalist, Luke Campbell and charity fund-raiser Jean Bishop (the Bee Lady!)


The Bee Lady

Jean Bishop is a fine example of the great community spirit we have here in Hull! Everyone in the city knows of Jean, who is much-loved for her charity fundraising, where she dresses up in a bumble bee costume. Over the years, this lovely lady has raised over £100,000 for AgeUK (you can donate to her fund here). She has also won a Pride of Britain Award, been an Olympic Torch Bearer and met the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Go Jean!


The pattie & chip spice

No list of great things from Hull can be complete without a mention of these two! Ask for a pattie outside of Hull and you’ll get a very strange look. This deep-fried potato snack is a staple item on fish and chip takeaway menus across the city, along with chip spice. We’re one of the only places in the UK that sprinkles “American Spice” on our chips - we just think everyone else is weird for not having it to be honest…


Hull Fair

Candy floss. Brandysnap. Fortune tellers. Fast rides. Chestnuts. Nougat. 2p machines. Games you can’t possibly win. Santa Claus in October. Yup, Hull Fair has it all and we absolutely love it!


A beautiful old town steeped in History

From anti-slavery campaigner, William Wilberforce’s house, to Ye Olde Black Boy, this area has to be one of our favourite places to visit in the whole of Hull. The cobbles of High Street certainly have a colourful past and are a great place to take in some of Hull’s most beautiful architecture. And a pint or two, of course.


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