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Blown Fibre Installation

Blown Fibre Cabling

Blown Fibre cabling provides a simple solution to manage evolving network demands without the need for high initial capital expenditure or extensive network planning.

Installing Blown Fibre enables optical networks to adapt to changing business requirements. Blown Fibre allows optical fibres to be deployed on demand from one point of a network to another (internal or external) using compressed air to blow optical fibre into pre-installed tubes. Building your network using a Blown Fibre system could realise the following benefits:

Increase network design flexibility

  • Service provision on a just-in-time basis (Network on Demand)
  • Existing fibre links can be easily re-routed to new users
  • Latest and emerging fibre technologies (MM   OM3/OM4   SM) can be deployed
  • Superior damage recovery performance over conventional systems

Reduce initial expenditure/control on-going expenditure

  • Capital expenditure costs can be deferred
  • Splice and breakout expenses can be minimised
  • Deployment of fibres is related to actual requirement
  • Elimination of unlit fibre

Speed of customer connections

  • Equivalent performance for 1st connections, significantly reduced timescales and costs for subsequent connections
  • Existing tube routes can be interrupted at any location – allowing rapid network upgrades

The flexibility offered by our Blown Fibre solutions can substantially minimise today's network build costs.

Given the uncertainty of the future trends in technology, demand growth, people movement and financial confidence, Paragon Data Services can provide a flexible, low total life cost and ‘peace of mind’ solution.

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